Dr. Shahroz Mahean  Haque
Dr. Shahroz Mahean Haque

Professor Contact No : +880-01715758535
Department of Fisheries Management Email : shahrozm2002@yahoo.com
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a) Attended Global Workshop on “Nutrition-sensitive fish agri-food systems, held from Tuesday 5th(16 h) to Friday 8th December (17 h) 2017, in Siem Reap, Cambodia . Organized by World Fish Center, IFAD and Europian Commision.

b) Attended Training-Workshop on "Curriculum Development & Creative Question" Organized by Graduate Training Institute (GTI), Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymensingh, during 04-05 July, 2015.

c) Attended Workshop on the development of syllabus on “Climate Resilient Ecosystem and Livelihood” organized by Winrock International CREL project held at Dhaka, 2015

d) Attended Workshop on “Gender transformative approaches in nutrition and aquatic agricultural interventions” by WorldFish Center,  held at Dhaka, March 9, 2014

e) Training on “Resource Management through Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing(RS)” organized by Department of Aquaculture (University of Starling), Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh held at ARD BAU Campus, Bangladesh, during  July 20-23, 2009.

f) Attended a workshop on “How to Write a Research Proposal” Jointly organized by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and DFID (Department for International Development, UK funded SUFER project), held at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, during May 4-14, 2004.

g) Training on “Strengthening Fishery Education Syllabus” Jointly organized by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and DFID (Department for International Development, UK), held at AIT, Bangkok Thailand, During 13 October-31 October 2003.

h) Workshop for the development of Syllabus and lecture notes preparation on “Sustainable Livelihoods Approach in Fisheries” organized by the DFID funded SUFER (Support of University Fisheries Education and Research) Project, held at DFID ESTATE- Srimangal, Bangladesh, during 23 August-4 September, 2003.

i) Attended a 15 day workshop on “  Instructor Skills” under the programme “Train the Trainers” jointly organized by the Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural University and Olds College in Canada  during March 14-30, 2003 held in Olds College, Canada.

j)  “Sustainable Livelihoods Assessment Workshop” organized by the DFID funded SUFER project, held in the Sunderban, Bangladesh, during 12-20 January 2003.

k) Attended Workshop on “Teaching Methods and Techniques” jointly organized by Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural University and Olds College in Canada, held at GTI, Mymensingh during October 19-31, 2002.

l) Teaching Assistantship in the Lab of Aquatic Resource Science” Kagoshima University, Japan during the period September 2001-April 2002 and April-September 2002.

m) Six month Research student in the “Laboratory of Aquatic Resources Sciences”  Kagoshima University, Japan from September 1997-April 1998.

n) Six months Japanese Language Course during April 1997-September 1997 in Kumamoto University, Japan.

o) Attended Workshop on “Research Methodology and Management” held at Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Mymensingh, during October 23-26, 1995.

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Haque S. M. 2002. Physiological Regulation of Toxin Production in Harmful Raphidophytes. United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Kagoshima University, Japan. Ph. D Thesis. 108pp.

List of Published Scientific Articles

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Haque, S.M. and Y. Onoue. Effects of environmental conditions on the toxin production of a harmful algae Chattonella marina. Harmful Algae (Submitted) (Published in USA)

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